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New Roof Installation in Maine: Here to Meet Your Roofing Needs

Roof Replacement

There are many factors for a Maine homeowner to consider when deciding on a new roof installation. Our first order of business will be to conduct a free inspection, then discuss your residential roof options in terms of both longevity and potential cost.

There are many residential roofing companies out there, and we’re proud to stand by our client’s many positive reviews of our work as residential roofing contractors here in Maine. We are local contractors, experienced in this region’s sometimes roof-battering weather, and we understand that a new roof installation is a difficult decision to make. We’re known as one of Maine’s top-rated roofing companies precisely because we work with you, not against you. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. It’s as simple as that.

New Roof Installation: How It Works

Installing a new roof on your home in Midcoast or central Maine is serious business. Putting that new roof on your residential home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your property. Trust us, you’ll want to hire the best roofing contractors possible, Summit Exteriors.

There is definitely a wrong way and a right way to install a residential roof. The wrong way may lead to voided warranties and your new residential roofing project going bad within a few years. The right way, the only way we know, will leave you with a roof you can trust even in the middle of the worst Maine weather, and for the intended life of your roof.

Thinking you need a new residential roof? Let’s take a look and talk it over together. We’ll present a range of roofing options and help you choose what works best for you, your property, and your family. We’ll start with a free inspection, come to a mutual decision as to how to proceed, then we’ll get right to work. You set the budget for your roofing project, and we’ll stick to it. From start to finish, Summit Exteriors is the best residential roofing Maine option you’ve got.

We Get The Job Done Right

Our highly skilled, expert roof installation contractors get right to work when you’re ready. Our team works quickly and efficiently while installing your Maine residential roof. We know time is money for our clients, so we ensure clients spend their money on the best supplies and materials, not overblown labor costs. We’ll complete your project as quickly as possible, while also respecting you and your property. We’ll also follow any guidelines you set when it comes to managing your home. Our job is to get in, get the job done right, then get out of your hair. You (and your neighbors) will also appreciate the fact that as your residential roofing contractors we’ll take care that your street doesn’t feel like it’s been turned into a construction zone.

The right roof properly installed will protect your Maine home from the weather and everything Mother Nature might throw at you. It’s a serious investment, but when done correctly, also one of the most valuable decisions you’ll make in terms of your property value.

Roofing Materials Best For Midcoast & central Maine

We offer comprehensive roofing services to our clients using the latest, most advanced and durable roofing materials, while also keeping an eye on what’s best for your property and your budget.

We specialize in asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofs, tile, and metal roofs. We can also roof other buildings on your property, covering flat surfaces like concrete pads. We make our residential roofing jobs just as heavy-duty as we do with our commercial roofing jobs. You are our most important client, every one of you, and we’ll show that to you not just with words, but actions.

  • Asphalt Shingles: The most frequently used roofing material in Maine, in towns from Bath to Yarmouth. They are functional, have enjoyed huge updates in quality of manufacture, and our budget-friendly. Installed correctly, they can provide a lid for your home for many years.
  • Cedar Shake Roof: Made from cedar woods, these rustic beauties make for a very strong, durable residential roof. Cedar shake roofs are strong and durable, and often chosen for their specific appearance to augment the aesthetics of the home. However, they can be prone to warping and water damage, especially if not installed correctly. Rest assured, that won’t happen with us.
  • Tile Roof: A perfect fit for some houses, tile roofs enhance the appearance of a home, tying together other building elements, and providing a super-sturdy residential roof.
  • Metal Roof: Metal roofs aren’t cheap, but they can also literally last up to 100 years. Installed correctly and with the right materials as dictated by the location (aluminum only if close to the ocean), they can be the best long-term option by far.

We only use the best roofing materials. We know Maine homeowners work hard for their money, so we use only the best quality materials and make up for any added cost through efficient management of labor costs. Bottom line, we’ll do the job right so that your new roof lasts to the utmost limits of its lifespan.

Summit Exteriors: Your Maine Residential Roof Installation Experts

Offering roof installation services in the beautiful state of Maine is a privilege. When we’re on your roof, we’re working hard, but it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty we see up there every day, whether we’re in one of the communities we serve, or out overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on an island, we’re blessed to be considered Maine’s best roofing company by many. We don’t take that lightly because, while we’re extremely proud of our residential roof installation track record, we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re learning and getting better every day, all to make sure you have the best roof on your home that you possibly can—and for the right price!


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