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If you own a commercial building in Maine, you already know that at some point it could take some damage. We live in and love Maine down to our core, but let’s be honest: the weather here can be hell on roofs, especially commercial roofs.

There are many types of damage a commercial roof can suffer, and multiple potential causes of that damage. Inclement weather, high winds, and other weather conditions can often lead to commercial roof issues in Maine, such as:

  • Sagging roof sections that allow water to gather.
  • Punctured or torn roof membranes.
  • Mold and mildew that leave support structures rooted and unstable.

Unless addressed, this could result in commercial roof damage, especially if storm damage allows moisture to seep into the structure of your roof. This can be a cause of constant anxiety to the building owner, but commercial roof repair done right can save your roof and enhance your state of mind.

We provide reliable, high-quality and cost effective commercial roofing repair in central, southern, and Midcoast Maine. We do professional work both on your roof and around your building, cleaning up after our work daily, and delivering on the estimate we’ve promised on schedule and without cost overruns.

Our Commercial Roof Repair Process

Our expert team of commercial roofers will promptly respond to your request on-site, perform a thorough inspection of all aspects of your commercial roof, then devise and offer you a solution that best fits your specific situation. Our full inspection also allows us to ensure that our estimate for your job is as accurate as possible.

Need a small repair? We’ll do that. Have bigger fish to fry and need an overall commercial roof restoration or roof replacement? We’ll recommend what’s best, then work with you to deliver the best possible outcome for your business.

Damage to Commercial Roofs in Maine: How it Happens

There are obviously many different types of commercial roofing systems. Low sloping and flat commercial roofs are very common in Maine, but we also find commercial roofs constructed more like residential roofs. Since both are fully within our professional commercial roofing wheelhouse, we can handle your job either way.

The kind of damage your commercial roof is going to experience depends largely on the materials used in the commercial roofing system, as well as the style of construction. For example, flat roofs are more susceptible than sloping roofs to issues caused by water pooling and debris build up. Left untreated, these issues can turn into major problems in no time, sometimes causing the roof to rot, and that can lead to fungus or mold build-up. Nobody needs that!

The ability of your commercial roof to stand up to things like sun and wind damage will be reliant in part on the roofing materials used in the construction of your commercial roof, as well as if you have expert installation, repair and maintenance. We are familiar with all styles of commercial roof construction and the roofing materials used across the industry and, specifically, here in Maine. We’re here to help no matter what you need.

Our Word Is Our Bond

We live and work here in Maine, just like our clients. We see our past projects on a regular basis, whether conducting regular maintenance, or just driving by. We pride ourselves on providing committed customer service and our expert roofers are extensively trained in all aspects of their profession.

We also strive to provide very competitive, honest estimates that give our commercial roofing clients peace of mind when it comes to what is a major investment for almost any business. We want to be the roofing company you call for the rest of your life. We realize our work has to be impeccable to make that happen, and that’s our goal on every job. Nobody’s perfect, but we do our best when it comes to commercial roofing repair in central and Midcoast Maine.

You wouldn’t trust the roof of your residential home to fly-by-night contractors or random amateurs, would you? Heck, no. So, why would you do the same with the all-important roof on your commercial building? You wouldn’t. It’s too important of an investment and is vital to the continued success of your enterprise.


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