Roof Repair ProjectReplacing your home’s roof is no small project; it could very well be one of the biggest undertakings you embark on for your home. Naturally, then it will take some thorough preparation in and around the home before the roofing project commences. Summit Exteriors has been replacing roofs in Brunswick,Maine for a number of years, which puts us in a good position to give some useful tips for preparing for your roof repair project. 


1. Speak your neighbors

Be courteous and give your neighbors a heads up before the project kicks off. Both parties can then openly discuss any specific requirements, restrictions and preferences. You want to avoid a situation where your roof replacement has begun and you have angry neighbors at your doorstep – it’s the last thing you need when you already have an under-construction home to deal with. 


2. Clear the attic

While roofing work doesn’t take place within the attic at all, the work on the surface is bound to cause dust and possibly debris there. A thorough cover up of valuables could do the trick, but for peace of mind, you may want to remove them temporarily while the roof replacement is being done. 


3. Remove satellites and antennae

Satellites and antennae will impose obvious hindrances to your roofing service provider during the roof replacement. If you can’t remove them yourself, get your local cable guy to do the job. 


4. Move outdoor furniture and paraphernalia

If outdoor furniture are in harm’s way (with the risk of falling debris etc), move them to a place where they are far enough to be unaffected by the roofing activity. If you’re lucky to have a shed or garage, it’s best to store them there in the meanwhile. If your vehicles park outside, then definitely also make sure you find new parking spots for them. 


5. Train pets and kids

You will need to start training your pets to keep indoors, as well as speak to your kids about the dangers and risks of playing outside while the roofing replacement is being completed. You may be best off if both pets and kids could spend some time at family of friends while the roofing project is taking place. 


6. Remove wall hangings and fragile objects

Your roof replacement will no doubt cause vibrations through the house, which could compromise fragile objects. Rather be safe than sorry by removing them from surfaces and packing away somewhere safe. With regards to wall hangings, take ‘em down to avoid disappointment.