storm damage to roofIn times of distress it’s hard to think straight and you often become a vulnerable target for opportunities. Think about accident scenes and tow-truck drivers appearing out of nowhere. The situation is much the same in the after-effects of a damaging storm. Storm chasers prey on seemingly desperate homeowners who have just suffered damage to their homes during the storm. 


So, what exactly are storm chasers? 

They sound like characters from a cartoon, but storm chasers are roving roofing contractors who show up to repair roofs post-storm, offering to get the job done as quickly as possible, no contracts or paperwork necessary. Sure, they’ll give you speed, but there is no guarantee that they’ve completed a good job, and the homeowner is none the wiser in that state of distress. 

They’re very rarely listed with the Better Business Bureau and can’t provide state licenses when asked. If you’re a homeowner new to a storm-prone area, it is vital to keep this in mind after the next storm hits. 


Why is it risky to work with storm chasers?

  • They get the work done quick, but without any guarantees, warranties or assurance that your roof will survive the next storm. 
  • Often they don’t have listed contact numbers or offices, making it very hard to reach them should you encounter any problems with the work after they’ve left. And you will most likely encounter problems. 
  • Even if storm chasers offer you a good price, chances are you will end up paying double – once to the storm chasers and a second time for a licenced, professional roofer to fix up their work. 
  • Because storm chasers’ only real proposition is speed (quick in, quick out jobs), they don’t adhere to local building code requirements. This factor could have devastating effects.