Summer winds and rains in Brunswick can bring a lot of problems for your roof. Strong winds from summer storms blow off shingles or damage gutters, and summer rains can start or intensify persistent leaking. However, there are other things to look for that may cause problems for your roof that you might not have considered.


Storms and Severe Weather

Storms are the most common problem for roofs in the Brunswick area. High winds, damaging hail, and heavy rains cause damage to roofs and gutters all the time and can be costly if they’re left untreated. If you’ve experienced damage from a summer storm, call one of our qualified salespeople to assess the damage and give you an estimate.

Damaging winds and intense summer rains bring down branches and leaves straight onto your roof, which can result in gutters clogging up. Homeowners often leave gutter maintenance until the fall, but clogged drains can lead to ice dams building up when winter comes. If you’re experiencing drainage problems, have your gutters checked and cleaned before the weather turns cold.

The strong winds of summer storms can also rip or pull shingles up, leaving your house exposed to more moisture. If you have a sudden leak, it’s best to assess the damage quickly and thoroughly to make sure your home is safe from further storm damage.

Persistent summer rainfalls often highlight areas of your roof that have had issues for a while. If you’re seeing water stains on your ceiling, or are experiencing dripping inside your home, you may have a leaking roof. Check your roofing right away to stop further damage before it gets worse.


Wildlife and Other Pests


Summer is also the perfect time for animals to make nests and find homes. Birds, insects, and squirrels love to crawl in through any space they can get into, including loose roofing shingles or weak soffits. Check your roof for signs of breaks in shingling or cracks in soffits that animals may have accessed.


High Heat


High summer temperatures also dry out and crack the sealants around chimneys or vents and pipes. This cracking opens up tiny access points for rainwater and moisture to get into your roof, which opens them over time and causes worsening leakage. They can be notoriously hard to spot for the untrained eye.

Fortunately, summer is also the best time to deal with any issue you’re experiencing with your roof. You don’t want to wait with most of these issues as they’ll only increase with time, and it’s hard to tell how much weather you can endure before these problems get expensive.

Our expert staff deals with all these issues and more every year, and we’re more than qualified to assess any Brunswick roof. If you’ve noticed problems with leakage or experienced recent storm damage, call us to get a professional assessment. We guarantee that we’ll find a solution to any problem you’re having with your roof, and we work within your budget and schedule.